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Captain Sal Rocha

Captain Sal Rocha is both the owner and primary operator of the Starfire. Sal has an incredible history on the water and began working as a deckhand by the time he was a teenager. When he turned 18 he obtained his captains license and has been operating sportfishing vessels in Central and Southern California ever since. His passion for operating boats eventually led him down the path of purchasing his own sportfishing vessel, the Starfire. Since 2018 Captain Sal has been at the helm of the Starfire offering sportfishing excursions out of Morro Bay California. 

Captain john schumann

Captain John Schumann operates the Starfire when Sal has to step away to take care of his duties as a father. John has been working with Sal for several years and has experience working on several premier sportfishing boats in California. John has a commercial fishing background himself and his parents were pioneers in the commercial albacore fishing industry in California.

Deckhand mike oddo

Mike Oddo has years of experience working alongside Sal and John on the several different boats Sal has operated. Mike has a lifetime of experience on the water and worked on premier sportfishing vessels such as the Pacific Queen hunting for tuna and albacore before he linked up with Sal. If you go out fishing on the Starfire you can be sure that Mike will be up for talking about tuna fishing!

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