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Recommended Tackle
Rental Gear: If you do not have or want to bring your own gear then you have the option to rent a rod and reel combination from the shop when you are checking in. The rental setups that we offer are perfectly suited for the style of fishing that will be taking place on the boat.
Rod: If you are bringing your own gear we recommend a 7-8ft heavy or medium heavy rod rated for 30-50 pound line. The Starfire crew likes the Phenix Black Diamond series or Daiwa Proteus series rods.
Image by Vince Fleming
Reel: We recommend a 20-40 size conventional reel spooled with at minimum 250 yards of 40-50# 8-strand braid and a short topshot of mono leader. The Daiwa Saltist star drag reel or the Shimano Torium 20 are excellent choices. When fishing shallow water we prefer the Daiwa Lexa 300-400 or the Shimano Tranx 400 series reels.
Tackle: We recommend using a gangion style shrimp fly jig or artificial squid jig accompanied with a small strip of fresh squid. When using a these setups we require a 1 pound weight in order to minimize the time spent tangled and to maximize the amount of time spent fishing. If you are a more advanced angler and want to use a metal jig and we recommended at least 8-12 ounces depending on the current and we highly recommended the use of a "teaser" shrimp fly rigged 12-24 inches above your jig.
In shallow water conditions of 100 feet or less we recommend a single or double rig of 1.5oz hook-up baits in the red crab or pink silver color combined with a 30 pound rod and reel setup. Hook-up Baits have proven to be extremely effective in targeting shallow water red rockfish and shallow water lingcod.
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