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Trip Types

1/2 day trip

Trip Length:

6 hours 



Half day trips provide you an excellent opportunity to go fishing near the beautiful town of Morro Bay, California. No experience is needed to have an excellent fishing trip aboard the Starfire. Half day trips are a perfect way for you to get your family out on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. In addition to fishing for rockfish and lingcod you have a good possibility of seeing other wildlife including whales, dolphins, seals, sea otters and more!

3/4 day trip

Trip Length:

8 hours 



Three quarter day trips offer more time on the water which means more time spent fishing for the big ones. These longer trips allow Captain Sal more time to cover ground and find larger grade rockfish and lingcod to fill up your bags. On three quarter day trips we hunt for the larger schools of vermillion rockfish and try to get our limit of reds before venturing into the shallows looking for other species of rockfish and trying our hand at catching a few nice sized lingcod.

full day trip

Trip Length:

10 hours 



Full day trips give you the most time on the water and the best opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime. On our full day trips we travel up the coastline toward the San Simeon lighthouse in search of huge rockfish and lingcod. The waters near the lighthouse are often referred to as "Jurassic Park" because of the old age and large size of the fish that live there. Book a trip on one of our full day trips now to have an opportunity catching a trophy sized lingcod. Most of the larger sized trophy lingcod on the Starfire have been caught on our full day trips.

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