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Recommended Tackle
2023 Tackle Update: A change in sportfishing regulations has opened up new areas and depths that have been closed to fisherman for several years. We are now able to fish at any depth for a majority of the year and must fish deeper in the later months of the year. We expect the deeper water to produce quality rockfish. You will want to come prepared with the proper gear to fish deeper in these newly accessible areas. There is still a two hook limit for rockfish/lingcod.
Rental Gear: If you do not have or wish to bring your own equipment, rod and tackle is available to rent from the landing when you check in.

Deep Water(350ft-500+ ft): Fishing deep! When fishing deep water it is important to have a reel with enough line capacity to make it to the bottom in 300-600ft of water. Luckily, modern day braided spectra line makes this easy to accomplish with its incredibly thin diameter and high strength. We recommend spooling your reels with at least 300 yards of 65#or 80# x8 strand braided line such as Daiwa x8 J-braid, PowerPro Super Slick 8 V2, Etc. Having thin diameter braid reduces the ocean currents effect on your tackle and reduces the amount of drift in your line. Getting your gear in the water swiftly when the captain indicates too will increases your chance of getting your tackle right into the right area and getting bit.

Tackle: (350 - 500+ ft): Shrimp Fly Rigs & Squid rigs with 16oz+ sinkers depending on depth and current. Generally we want everyone to be using the same amount of weight to minimalize tangles. The top producing tackle continues to be the shrimp fly jig tipped with a small piece of squid. Getting to the bite zone with a jig in 400+ft of water is not recommended. 

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Tackle: (150 - 350 ft): Shrimp Fly Rig, Squid rigs, 16oz sinkers, Double rigged hookup baits, 6-12oz jigs (Ahi Diamond Jigs, Jax Jigs, Megabaits, etc.) 

The Shrimp fly rigs are great producers at these depths matched with a 16oz sinker. Savvy anglers will use two 1.5oz Hookup Baits tube baits rigged with an Owner three way swivel when fishing from 150-250ft. This has proven to be very effective in catching the larger vermillion rockfish and lingcod. Jigs are also an option at these depths. A classic technique for 150-300ft water column is the jig and teaser setup. Shrimp fly jigs or hookup baits work well for teasers rigged 18-24 inches above your jig. Try matching the appropriate size jig for the ocean conditions, more current more weight. 8oz is a good starting point for a jig and you can up or down a few ounces in weight depending on depth and current.
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Tackle(50 - 150ft): Shallow Water 
Shrimp Fly Rigs with 10 & 16oz lead sinkers, Single & double rigged Hookup baits, 3-6oz. jigs (Shimano Coltsnipers, Ahi Diamond Jigs, Jax Jigs, etc.), Swimbaits. 
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Single and double rigged Hookup baits with an Owner 3-way swivel have proven to be very effective in shallow waters. Color doesn't seem to matter too much but we like Red Crab. Smaller jigs and flat falls work well at these depths casted out and jigged over the hard bottom. Lingcod love to hang out in the shallower water. A 6oz jighead and Swimbait works well if you are trying to avoid the smaller rockfish and exclusively target lingcod. I would wait until you had a few fish in your sack before trying a swimbait as the lingcod bite has been lackluster as of lately. 
Rod: If you are bringing your own gear we recommend a 7-8ft heavy or medium heavy rod rated for 30-60 pound line. Seeker, Calstar, Phenix, United Composites, etc.. 
Reel: We recommend a 30-40 size conventional reel spooled with at minimum 300 yards of 60-80# 8-strand braid. Some good options would include the Penn Fathom 40, Penn Squall 40, Penn Senator 4/0, Daiwa Sealine 400, etc. We Like star drags because of their simplicity, but lever drags are great options as well. For shallow water fishing we like the baitcaster style reels including the Shimano Tranx 400 and Daiwa Lexa 400
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